At White Meadows we have recently introduced a House Reward System. We believe House Points will give us a stronger ‘team spirit’ across year groups, pupils and staff and build some healthy competition throughout the school. It will also bring together children across the Key Stages for different activities.

The names of the Houses were decided through a voting system. Children were asked to choose between animals, local places or flowers. Local places won the vote and so our Houses are:

  • Eartham (Green)
  • Highdown (Red)
  • Slindon (Blue)
  • Tortingon (Yellow)

Each House has 2 Captains and 2 Vice-Captains, who were also voted in by the children.

Points are earned through good behaviour and are awarded throughout the week. The weekly total is collected from each class by our Year 6 pupils. The House with the most points at the end of each week wins a ribbon on the House Trophy, which is presented in our Friday assembly.

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