Nursery and Reception



Acorn Class

Teacher: Mrs Parkin / Mrs Macleod

HLTA: Mrs Idini

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Beach / Mrs Long



Blossom Class

Teacher: Mrs Ruffle / Miss Hazelhurst

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Emmerson


Holly Class

Teacher: Mrs Kingsley

HLTA: Ms Sunderland


Willow Class

HLTA: Miss Keets

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Flower

Year Group / Class Teacher Teaching Assistants
Acorn Mrs Parkin / Mrs Macleod Mrs Idini (HLTA), Mrs Beach and Mrs Long
Blossom Mrs Ruffle / Miss Hazelhurst Mrs Emmerson
Holly Mrs Kingsley Ms Sunderland
Willow Miss Keets (HLTA) Mrs Flower

Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception Classes) Learning Narrative – Summer Term 2017

A mysterious bottle arrives in the classroom. Inside the bottle, the children find an old piece of parchment on which diagrams have been drawn. A treasure map! After following several clues, the children eventually head to the beach, where they find a shipwreck. A pirate approaches. His ship was run aground and its cargo spilled. The children must help the pirate by following clues, digging for treasure (X marks the spot, of course). Finally, the children find a buried chest, inside which are stolen jewels! They children must now find out from whom the treasure was stolen. Following the results of their investigation, the children discover that the jewels were taken from a mermaid. Mermaid Miriam visits the class and confirms that the treasure was stolen from her. She thanks the children, and takes it back home, to her castle. The children decide to accompany her, with a visit to the aquarium. Finally, the pirate apologises for taking her treasure, and the pair become friends and have a party, in which they wear the mermaid’s jewellery.

At White Meadows Primary we use the Read Write Inc. phonics programme across both Key Stages up to Year 3. This phonics scheme provides a systematic approach to literacy, both reading and writing, which is fun and engaging. This is supplemented with the use of phonetically decodable books from Oxford Reading Tree and the Phonic Bug schemes, along with a range of other texts. Further details on how you can support your child can be found on the Read Write Inc. website.
In addition to the above programme, we also use the Big Write and Big Maths schemes and Little Big Maths in Foundation Stage.