Years 3 – 6 Curriculum

Year 3


Aspen Class

Teacher: Miss Clark / Mrs Smith

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cole


Hawthorn Class

Teacher: Miss Howard

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Schneider / Mrs Holmes


Maple Class

Teacher: Mrs Porter

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Copp

Year 3 Learning Narrative – Summer Term: Volcanoes

During the first half of the summer term our topic is Volcanoes. The children will learn about volcanoes of the world. They will get a chance to make their own volcano which we will then make erupt in the classroom! In English lessons, the children will focus on poetry writing and writing instructions. In Maths, we will be learning about lines, angles and 2d and 3d shape. Our recorder lessons will continue in Music and the children will continue to learn to swim in the school pool. In science, our learning about Rocks continues. In PE, the children will take part in a variety of indoor athletic activities.

During the second half of the term our main topic is our local area. We have arranged to visit the RLNI to find out about what they do for our local area and to educate the children in staying safe at the seafront. In English lessons, we will write letters, questionnaires and create leaflets about Littlehampton. In Maths, we will learn about measures. We will draw and paint our own water colour beach pictures and learn about the artist, Andy Goldsworthy. In PE, we will go outside to play stool ball and rounders.

To see what the children will be learning, please click here to view the Year 3 English Curriculum, the Year 3 maths curriculum and Year 3 science curriculumDetails regarding other subject lessons can be viewed in our Foundation Subjects document.

At White Meadows Primary we use the Read Write Inc. phonics programme across both Key Stages up to Year 3. This phonics scheme provides a systematic approach to literacy, both reading and writing, which is fun and engaging. This is supplemented with the use of phonetically decodable books from Oxford Reading Tree and the Phonic Bug schemes, along with a range of other texts. Further details on how you can support your child can be found on the Read Write Inc website,
In addition to the above programme, we also use the Big Write and Big Maths schemes and Little Big Maths in Foundation Stage.

Year 4


Ash Class

Teacher: Miss Friend / Mr Comben

HLTA: Mrs Coe


Elm Class

Teacher: Mrs Fenton

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hudson


Larch Class

Teacher: Mr Manners

Teaching Assistant: Miss Marsden

Year 4 Learning Narrative – Summer Term: The Romans

Throughout the Summer term, the Year 4 theme will be the Romans. To kick-start our topic, we will immerse the children in a selection of activities based on the Roman era.    Each class will experience a variety of workshops to inspire their learning, and to become authors of our own Roman story. We will use our investigative skills to research Roman Britain and write a newspaper article. So that we are prepared for the ‘battle on the beach’, we will design and make a Roman shield. To consolidate their learning, we will visit Fishbourne Roman Palace where the children will participate in various workshops.

To see what the children will be learning, please click here to view the Year 4 English Curriculum, the Year 4 maths curriculum and the Year 4 science curriculum. Details regarding other subject lessons can be viewed in our Foundation Subjects document.

Year 5


Beech Class

Teacher: Miss Tilbrook

HLTA: Mrs Harris


Sycamore Class

Teacher: Mrs Clifton-Bowley

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Herbert


Cherry Class

Teacher: Mrs Bishop

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Charlotte

Year 5 Learning Narrative – Summer Term: Marvellous Mixtures plus the Amazon Rainforest

For the first half of the Summer Term, Year Five will be studying a science based topic “Marvellous Mixtures” where children will be learning about mixtures and solutions. Alongside this, we will be reading the book George’s Marvellous Medicine. In Reading Workshop, we will be looking at another book by Roald Dahl: The Magic Finger. In Art, we are studying the style of Quentin Blake, which we will use to illustrate our own stories.

After half term, we will be studying a Geography based topic about the Amazon Rainforest. We study the climate and geographical features of the rainforest while looking at the plants and animals found there in our Science topic. In English we will be focusing on the issues of conservation and deforestation. In Music, we will be using our voices and hands to create rainforest music and in Art we will be looking at Henri Rousseau’s jungle art. This topic will culminate in a trip to Drusillas Park where we will get the chance to see many of the rainforest animals we have studied.

To see what the children will be learning, please click here to view the Year 5 English Curriculum, the Year 5 maths curriculum or the Year 5 science curriculum. Details regarding other subject lessons can be viewed in our Foundation Subjects document.

Year 6


Chestnut Class

Teacher: Mrs Clarke

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cameron


Oak Class

Teacher: Miss Tilbrook

HLTA: Mrs Perry


Elder Class

Teacher: Mrs Baker

HLTA: Mrs Perry

Year 6 Learning Narrative – Summer Term: Fun, Fit and Fabulous

This term in Year 6 we will be learning about being Fun, Fit and Fabulous. We will be investigating the effect of diet, exercise and drugs on our bodies and looking at the impact that lifestyle has on us. We will be investigating the human circulatory system and describing the function of the heart, blood and blood vessels. PC Bishop is going to talk to us about drugs, smoking and alcohol and the impact that it has on people’s lives. As well as blood, we shall be learning about how nutrients and water are transported through our bodies. Mrs Naish will be telling us about the importance of a balanced diet and how to ensure that our bodies have the correct type and amount of nutrients.