Nursery and Reception



Acorn and Conker Classes

Teacher: Miss Hazelhurst / Mrs Ruffle

UQT: Miss Lees

HLTA: Mrs Lucy Scriven

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Beach / Mrs Long



Blossom Class

Teacher: Mrs Winter

Unqualified Teacher: Mrs Hudson


Holly Class

Teacher: Mrs Kingsley

Teaching Assistant: Miss Johnson


Willow Class

Teacher: Miss Lovely

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lucas

Year Group / Class Teacher Teaching Assistants
Acorn/Conker Miss Hazelhurst / Mrs Ruffle / Miss Lees (UQT) Mrs Scriven (HLTA), Mrs Beach and Mrs Long
Blossom Mrs Winter Mrs Hudson (UQT)
Holly Mrs Kingsley Miss Johnson
Willow Miss Lovely Miss Lucas

Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception Classes) Learning Narrative – Spring Term 2021

For our wow start to our new topic the children will return to school to meet our Ice Carver. He will begin to carve an animal out of ice. What animal is it? The children will mould with salt dough what they think it could be. The following week the children will find a mysterious egg has arrived in the classroom. Where has it come from? To whom does it belong? What type of egg is it? What does it need to hatch? The children must investigate. A letter arrives to the class from a penguin mother asking if her egg has hatched. One morning the children discover that the egg has hatched a baby penguin. They write to the mother penguin with the good news. Before the half-term break the penguin is sent off on an adventure to discover where he came from and what type of penguin he is. The children return from their holiday to find that the penguin has sent them postcards from his adventure. He has met so many ice animals from around the world – even polar bears! Finally, the penguin has found out who he is and reunites with his mother during a campfire celebration with the children, where we drink hot chocolate in the igloo.

At White Meadows Primary we use the Read Write Inc. phonics programme across both Key Stages up to Year 3. This phonics scheme provides a systematic approach to literacy, both reading and writing, which is fun and engaging. This is supplemented with the use of phonetically decodable books from Oxford Reading Tree and the Phonic Bug schemes, along with a range of other texts. Further details on how you can support your child can be found on the Read Write Inc. website.
In addition to the above programme, we also use the Big Write and Big Maths schemes and Little Big Maths in Foundation Stage.

Parents are welcome to approach class teachers to find out more about the curriculum at White Meadows. The following links give more details of the Early Years and National Curriculum.

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